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 Soooooo what?

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PostSubject: Soooooo what?   Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:45 am

1) Name:Vaggelhs

2) From:Greece

3) GMT+/-?:+2

4) Age:21

5) Activity:8-12 hours a day

6) Previous servers:bnb,l2-eglobal.l2cosmos.l2inc,l2elixir. and some more....

7) Previous clans / Why did u leave/got kicked:Gods i left they suck end of story

8.) Are u able to use TS3: if i buy mic :p

9) Main class / Subclasses:PK if clan needs i can play and Bishop or Gk/Titan for Rb's.

10) What equip do you have?Elegia hvy armor set+3 full attr, Vorpal weap's full attr+3-5 elgia jewl cloak/belt aug's. (i only farm to get +6 set just that, then epic's xD

11) How did you find Shadows Of Doom? A bird told me to appl.....:p

12) Your level as a leader on 1-10 marks? as leader..?youtube l2inc Vol and so on chek that :>9vs40

13) Why do you want to join us?:i saw u guys not zerking but max 1 pt and i like that :>

14) Are you able to follow orders and participate in clan activities?why not?

15) What can you provide after you join us ?Much fap time i got sexy legs :X

16) Ur english level on 1-10 marks:5-8

17) Anythink else u wanna say type it here and describe yourself: Im not homo
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PostSubject: Re: Soooooo what?   Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:40 pm

i like you

e:no homo
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Soooooo what?
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